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(ARCTIC NAVIGATION)   «Pilot of Arctic Canada. Volume I & Volume II»   Ottawa, Canadian Hydrographic Service Surveys and Mapping Branch, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, 1959. XXIV,183; XI,434 p. First edition as stated. White cloth. With maps and folding maps. Volume I; containing information that is pertinent to the Canadian Arctic as a whole; also contains a gazetteer of place names for the islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and for the Canadian mainland coast northward & westward of Hudson Bay. Volume II; Descriptions of the coasts and adjacent sea areas which may be regarded as lying in the Canadian "Eastern" Arctic. Also a description of part of the west Greenland coast from Cape York, in the Northern part of Baffin Bay, northward to Cape Stanton at the northern end of Robeson Channel. Very good set. (Inv. #17333)
35   $
(BANQUE CANADIENNE NATIONALE)   «Le Canada d'aujourd'hui»   Montréal, 1959. 62 p. (26 cm). Carte, illustrations et graphiques. (Inv. #32598)
15   $
(BEAUMONT, AB)   «Beaumont. Histoire de Beaumont et district, 1885-1960. / History of Beaumont and district, 1885-1960»   Beaumont, Alberta, Beaumont History Book Committee, 1985. 559 p. (28 cm). Reliure illustrée de l'édition; illustrations, cartes et portraits. Cachet de biblio mais bel exemplaire. (Inv. #30048)
25   $
CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, THE   «La menace Communiste au Canada»   Montréal, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, 1947. 40 p. (22 cm). Nombreuses illustrations et tableaux. (Inv. #10249)
15   $
CHERRIER, Alphonse-Avila   «Mémoire de Monsieur l'abbé A.-A. Cherrier, Curé de la Paroisse de l'Immaculée-Conception à Winnipeg, à Son Excellence Monseigneur Pellegrino Stagni, délégué apostolique au Canada, sur la situation religieuse actuelle dans l'Ouest Canadien et sur la Question Universitaire au Manitoba. - 10 avril 1911»   St-Boniface, Manitoba, Imprimerie du "Manitoba", 1911. 50 & 12 p. (19 cm). Titre rare et important. (Inv. #22824)
75   $
COFFIN, William Foster   «1812; the War and Its Moral: a Canadian Chronicle»   Montreal, Printed by John Lovell, 1864. 296 p. (23 cm). Original blue cloth; presentation copy. Library stamps but in nice condition. Presentation copy to Col. Étienne Taché. (Inv. #24272)
60   $
DOMINION BREWERS ASSOCIATION   «Faits sur l'Industrie de la Brasserie au Canada. - Une Industrie Nationale. - Un manuel qui offre un aperçu du développement de l'industrie et sa place dans l'économie du Canada»   Ottawa, 1948. X,127 p. (25 cm). Reliure de l'éditeur. Illustrations, dépliants et tableaux. (Inv. #24166)
35   $
DOUGHTY, Sir Arthur G. (edited with notes and appendices)   «The Elgin-Grey Papers, 1846-1852»   (4 volumes). Ottawa, 1937. XX,448; 449-899; 900-1295; 1296-1663 pp. (25 cm). Text in English & French. Series consisting of private letters passed between James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin and Henry George, 3rd Earl Grey during the years 1846 to 1852, when the Earl of Elgin was Governor General of Canada and Earl Grey was Secretary of State for the Colonies. (Inv. #23721)
75   $
DUGAS, Georges   «Histoire de l'Ouest Canadien de 1822 à 1869. - Époque des troubles»   Montréal, Librairie Beauchemin Limitée, (1906). 154 p. (27 cm). Reliure en toile. (Inv. #24061)
45   $
ERMATINGER, Charles O   «The Talbot Regime or the First Half Century of the Talbot Settlement»   St. Thomas, The Municipal World Ltd., 1904. ix,(1),398 p. (22 cm). Original green cloth and gilt lettering. With multiple plates and a map. Important Southwestern Ontario title. (Inv. #21304)
45   $

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