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(BATTLEFORD, SK)   «Home on the Hill. - 25 Years, St. Charles Scholasticate, Battleford, Saskatchewan»   Battleford, Sask., Printed by the Marian Press, (1957). 62,(1) p. (28 cm). Portraits and illustrations; institution of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Cover title. (Inv. #26203)
20   $
BERNARD, Antoine   «Le drame Acadien depuis 1604. Avec cartes et illustrations»   Montréal, Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur, 1936. 459 p. (24 cm). Fortement illustré. (Inv. #34861)
45   $
BERNIER, Alfred   «Les Dates Mémorables du Collège de Saint-Boniface, 1885-1945»   (Saint-Boniface), 1945. 78 p. (21 cm). Portraits et illustrations. Au sujet de ce Collège du Manitoba. (Inv. #31177)
20   $
BERNIER, Joseph   «L'Instruction Obligatoire au Manitoba; Discours Prononcé par M. Joseph Bernier, Député de Saint-Boniface, à la Législature du Manitoba, le 15 Janvier 1908»   St-Boniface, 1908. 36 p. (21,5 cm). Légères pièces de papier manquantes à la couverture. (Inv. #9210)
30   $
BLANCHARD, Joseph-Henri   «Histoire des Acadiens de l'Ile du Prince-Edouard. Imprimé à l'occasion du voyage du DEVOIR à l'Ile du Prince-Edouard, les 10 et 11 août 1927»   Moncton, Imprimerie de l'Évangeline, 1927. 120,(42) p. (22 cm). Carte, illustrations et portraits (Inv. #30100)
60   $
CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR   «Facts for you about the Canadian International Trade Fair»   Toronto, Canadian International Trade Fair, Exhibition Park, 1954. 31,(1) p. (23 cm). Illustrations. (Inv. #5816)
20   $
CANADIAN PACIFIC   «See Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies on your way to or from the Pacific Northwest and California»   (Montreal), 1941. (23 cm). Large illustrated folder, being 12 pages. Nice copy, uncommon. (Inv. #28093)
20   $
CARRUTHERS, J   «Retrospect of Thirty-Six Years' Residence in Canada West; being a Christian Journal and Narrative»   Hamilton, Printed for the Author by T.L. M'Intosh, 1861. 253 p. (18 cm). Original cloth, library stamps, internally very good. The author was a Presbyterian Missionary and traveled in the central and western part of Upper Canada, from 1825 to 1861. There is also a chapter about the Seven Years War and the discovery and settlement of Canada. (Inv. #24349)
85   $
CRUIKSHANK, Lt.-Col. Ernest Alexander   «Inventaire des Documents Militaires du Dépôt des Archives Canadiennes»   Ottawa, 1913. 365 p. (25 cm). Publication des Archives No 2. Titre important; cachet de biblio mais bon exemplaire sous reliure en toile. (Inv. #7859)
25   $
CURRAN, William Tees & CALKINS, H.A   «In Canada's Wonderful Northland. A Story of Eight Months of Travel by Canoe, Motorboat, and Dog-Team on the Northern Rivers and along the New Quebec Coast of Hudson Bay»   New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1920. XXII,344 p. (24 cm). With 60 illustrations and maps. Nice decorated cloth binding, a beautiful copy and a scarce title. (Inv. #31251)
45   $

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